Yuasa Issue Start-Stop Battery Reminder

Battery giant issues advice on the importance of fitting the correct battery to start-stop vehicles

According to leading battery manufacturer GS Yuasa, whilst most technicians understand the need to fit the correct battery on Start-Stop vehicles, there’s still a risk some will choose to fit a traditional lead acid battery.  They’re keen to stress the importance of choosing the correct battery for Start-Stop vehicles.

It’s well known that more and more vehicles are now equipped with Start-Stop technology in a bid to reduce global vehicle CO2 emissions. This technology, which temporarily cuts the engine while the car is at a standstill, puts an additional strain on the battery. It’s the reason why vehicles with Start-Stop technology require a specific type of battery.

“With a traditional lead acid battery, its requirement is to supply a single large current to the starter motor to crank the engine over at the beginning of the journey. Whereas a vehicle with Start-Stop technology will require an enhanced cyclic performance battery to discharge and charge multiple times throughout the journey,” explains Ian Newham, Training Manager from GS Yuasa.  “It’s also required to sustain other electrical drains such as lights, air conditioning and in-car entertainment systems when the engine is off while stationary.”

To put into perspective the difference in the amount of work that these two types of batteries are required to perform, a standard lead acid battery fitted to a car without Start-Stop will typically perform 20,000 and 50,000 start events over its lifetime dependent on the specification of the product fitted. In contrast a battery fitted on a high specification vehicle equipped with Start-Stop technology and additional systems such as brake regeneration and battery management can expect to endure up to 360,000 start events in its lifetime which can be over seven times that expected from a high specification standard product.

“Fitting a standard car battery to a vehicle fitted with Start-Stop technology will result in premature failure of the battery after a very short period,” advises Ian, “As vehicles equipped with Start-Stop technology find their way into garages for replacement batteries, an occurrence that’s set to increase, it’s critical the correct battery is fitted, so the vehicle can continue operating as intended by the OE manufacturer.”

AGM batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat) are developed for vehicles with the most severe requirement for reducing emissions, such as vehicles with Start-Stop, regenerative braking systems, and high levels of electrical specification. The Yuasa range of batteries that feature this technology is the YBX9000 Series

EFB batteries (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and are designed for vehicles with an intermediate requirement for reducing emissions. This type of battery is found in the Yuasa YBX7000 range.

The Parts Alliance are the UK’s largest distributor of Yuasa batteries. In terms of identifying the correct battery reference, their parts advisors use an industry leading parts catalogue. Alternatively, technicians can use the Battery Finder tool on the Yuasa website using vehicle registration, vehicle type, VIN number or part cross reference.

Technicians keen to learn more about start-stop batteries are recommend by Yuasa to visit their online training academy. “After registering on the academy technicians have access to a multitude of courses, including one dedicated to next generation batteries. Our academy is IMI approved and is completely free to access,” said Ian.

The GS Yuasa Academy can be found at https://academy.gs-yuasa.eu/

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